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  • RussianTown caters to the Russian-speaking community in Southeast with virtually no competition

  • Approximately 55,000 people are touched by RussianTown and this number is constantly growing. Come and let your business grow!!

  • Russian-speaking community in the USA can be described as some of the most highly paid in the country

  • We have developed a system of bonuses for clients signing the contract for at least six editions

Our partners

Multichoice Apps
Multichoice Apps

Multichoice Apps can design a mobile application for any company, including the iPhone, iPad and Android app for small business. This can all be done in seconds through your mobile application. Multichoice Apps can make all of this a reality because this is what we do for our clients everyday. We take their vision and turn it into an interface that customers can interact with. Your mobile app means more customers and higher revenues. This is the power of the mobile application!

Phone: 770-447-0208 (ext. 101)

Multichoice Digital
Multichoice Digital

Multichoice Digital is a lively marketing firm that provides a complete line of advertising services that we can use to help your company reach the revenue goals that you are seeking. Our state of the art technology and equipment allows us to take our clients’ visions and turn them into reality while maximizing the saving of their time and money. No matter how large or small your company is, or how deep your budget is, we guarantee that we can find a marketing solution that will get results for your business.  

Phone: 404-530-9657

Multichoice Travel
Multichoice Travel

MultiChoice Travel is a company that is always ready to provide you with the following services:

  • Affordable airfares to any country
  • Tours around the world
  • Affordable tours, cruises
  • Passport and visa services
  • Best hotels around the world and many other services

Our agency has expertise in tourism: every service we offer includes the phrase “AROUND THE WORLD”: tours around the world, hotels around the world, airline tickets around the world, etc. With MultiChoice Travel you will, in fact, discover the world!

Phone: 770-447-0208 (ext.100)

Multichoice Marketing
Multichoice Marketing

Multichoice Marketing has established close contacts with a number of highly- rated mass media, which puts us at an advantage of being able to provide significant discounts to our clients when placing advertising products.
We offer a complete line of marketing services, with the customer’s freedom to select and determine the appropriate direction of the advertising campaign right from the start.
We have the latest equipment to turn our clients’ dreams into reality with the maximum savings of their time and money.
We are a complete-line advertising firm, which plans and carries out advertising campaigns for businesses of any size, with the opt
We are a complete-line advertising firm, which plans and carries out advertising campaigns for businesses of any size, with the optimized use of your budget.

Phone: 770-447-0208 (ext.101)

Atlanta Russian Translation
Atlanta Russian Translation

Professional Russian-English translation services in Atlanta and Georgia
We provide the best Russian translation services in Atlanta and can do it very effectively. We offer a wide variety of professional translation and interpreting services from official documents and letters to promotional products, speeches, and other business correspondence. We also offer simultaneous and bilateral interpreting. and others. Moreover, our support is not limited to one city. We offer Russian translation services in Atlanta but we also serve other nearby cities.

Phone: 770-447-0208 (ext.100)

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