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Dear Editor of the Russian Town!
I haven't been given such a great pleasure from reading a magazine in a long time! I almost forgot that they could be read with such interest. Thank you so much! I have three 2005 issues of the Russian Town in front of me: # 2, 4 and 5. I have read all of them almost from cover to cover. I found them to be extremely interesting, useful and entertaining. Your magazine is very optimistic and it delights me.
I have learned a good deal about politics (about preparation for election campaign of Hilary Clinton and about relations in top echelons of power both in America and in Russia), I laughed while reading the selection of legends and facts in the section “Political Wit” and the quotations of VVP (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin). I've read with great interest about events in America (about Ashley Smith who was held as a hostage, about an escaped bride, and about the laws of the state of Florida). I've also learned a lot about what's happening in Russia (the interview with Khodorkovskiy and Abramovich and the situation with YUKOS). I give special preference to any and all articles and interviews that relate to cultural events: the story about an artist Tatiana Lambrozo, film and TV stars of Russia like Olga Ostroumova, about Ilya Oleinikov and Yuri Stoyanov who are loved by many, about Vladimir Vinokur, Maksim Leonodiv (all of them are so talented and outstanding, and songs by Maksim Leonodiv are always with me), about everlasting rivalry between Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo, and about prominent Einstein's life (not only in science). I really liked the issue devoted to the 60th anniversary of the victory in World War II: the reminiscences of Hanon Zareckiy on life in Chelyabinsk during wartime (I can still visualize a barracks of that time), the story by Grigoriy Serebryanskiy. I was retelling its contents to my daughter and grandson in a few steps since it's so capacious and informative. It is about an awful period of struggle with cosmopolitism, the GULAG, bright feelings and lonely old age, about Osvencim and the Holocaust. My younger family members know almost nothing about these things.
I also liked the unusually meaningful advice and recommendations on rearing children and how to bring husbands and wives greater warmth in their marriage.
I especially would like to mention the lessons regarding the usage of the English language. It is so very helpful to have examples of how English words and expressions are used in real life situations.
The section of traditional anecdotes is great. I would like to express special thanks for the crossword puzzles. I can handle them. They aren't too tough, I don't lose interest and excitement while solving them, and I can do them together with children, reminding them about things they may have forgotten while living here.
A little bit about myself: I am retired, came from Moscow for 2 months to visit my daughter and my grandson, and don't speak English. I am going to remember a visit to Zaban Center and reading your magazine with deep gratitude.

Irina Syromyatnikova
College teacher

I have been retired for a long time. I seems like everything is fine, and I am having well-deserved rest which I have worked out for myself. But, you know, sometimes I have a feeling of being outside of this life. And it is very important not to lose myself at such times. I found a friend who is much younger and more mobile than I am. This is the magazine “Russian Town”. It puts me in mind of my family: it has something from my son, a business-like, self-confident person, something from my daughter-in-law who is a housewife, and also something from my grandson. But the most important thing is that this magazine unites all of us. It has common topics for conversation, the language. I would like to thank those who work at the magazine Russian Town. They do wonderful job.

Valeriy Frozenstein
Retired person

I like the Russian Town for many reasons. But the most significant is probably that it is published in the Russian language. I can't say there aren't any more Russian language publications here. Quite simply, I see the RussianTown as a magazine for me - you know, my magazine.
Moreover, it is that rare occasion when the quality of design corresponds to the quality of contents. The RussianTown has never disappointed me.

Anastasiya Alkem

Of course, specialized editions for teenagers have their own pluses. They are more colorful and cool. I am going through a period in my life when I would like to learn everything about the world and about the country. They don't write about these things in magazines for teenagers. RussianTown is more informative than magazines published specifically for teenagers.
My parents sometimes wonder: “Where did you learn this? Where did you learn that?” Of course, I learn these things from the same source that they do! You know, all my family reads the Russian Town!

Alex Kutepov
High school student

Many families I have worked for consider the RussianTown to be a family magazine. You know, it's like a whole world that finds room on a hundred pages. This is simply amazing! Both teenagers and retired people enjoy reading the same things!
I opened this magazine for the first time while having my cup of coffee in the morning. I thought I was going to just leaf through it. But you won't believe it: I was late to work! This is how our friendship began.
I wish the RussianTown a long life. You are really working for something! Thank you.

Victoria Deryabina
Non-resident babysitter

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