Although RussianTown is a free publication, it is also available by paid subscription. Those members of the Russian-speaking community who for some reason can't find a copy of RussianTown can pay for one year in advance and receive the magazine monthly.

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Dear friends!
We are happy to announce that subscriptions for RussianTown magazine are open.
We still position our magazine as a free publication. Opening a subscription list doesn't change the rules of our magazine's distribution: Every subscriber in the southeastern United States can receive the magazine for free!
We always care about our readers' interests.

You know where RussianTown”is distributed: Russian stores, restaurants, bistros, hair salons, law firms and medical centers. in Atlanta, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and the entire southeast. You know exactly where you can find a fresh copy of RussianTown. Plus, if you are reading these lines now, it means that you have already discovered the electronic version of our magazine.

But there's one “problem” our magazine has: RussianTown has become so popular that sometimes, due to a limited edition, some of you can't find it. All copies of our magazine can get picked up quickly by readers from its places of distribution.

We can't ignore the fact that sometimes you have difficulty finding a new copy because they all disappear too fast.

Having your own subscription to RussianTown makes it easier and certain for you to receive your monthly copy on time.

The cost of a yearly subscription can't be even compared with the cost of one issue of some publications. You can make an inquiry here on our web site, and reach this conclusion for yourself.

Those members of the Russian-speaking community who for some reason don't visit Russian businesses in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and other states of the southeastern region – or who can't visit them in time to find a copy of RussianTown – can pay for one year in advance and receive the magazine monthly. Moreover, your family can share your subscription with a family of your friends or relatives, and it will cut your cost in half.

Dear friends!

We have to take into consideration such categories of our readers as Russian-speaking spouses of American citizens. Perhaps, they don't visit Russian businesses or live far away from the Southeast. This shouldn't exclude them from our readership and affect their interest in a publication in the Russian language!

RussianTown magazine will help you to preserve the Russian language and the Russian culture.

Dear friends!

We do care about our readership. We are aware that part of it is represented by Americans for whom learning Russian is a necessity for different reasons, including professional needs. They also might be interested in a subscription. Eventually, this linguistic interest may grow into an enjoyment of the kaleidoscope of events and topics that they can find in our magazine.

We know that the pleasure of having a subscription to RussianTown is so great that it will make you forget about its cost. The only time you'll think about the cost is going to be when you eagerly sign up for the next year's subscription.

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