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RussianTown magazine is the only free Russian-language publication printed and distributed in Atlanta, Florida and the whole southeastern United States.
RussianTown covers news, politics, culture, sports, health, technology, and history from around the U.S., Russia, and the world.

When it first began publication in July 2003, our magazine was 42 pages long and had a print run of 4,000 copies. By the end of 2008 our size had increased to 92 pages. Today, we print 7,500 copies of each month's edition. Our goal for 2009-2010 is to increase to 120 pages.

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Dear friends!

Welcome to RussianTown magazine.

Those of you already familiar with us are going to find information about updates of our magazine.

If you are just opening RussianTown for the first time, you can rest assured that the time you spend won't be a waste because we don't allow a single line to be useless. This has been our concept since the first day of our existence.

RussianTown magazine is the first publication for Russian speakers living in Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee in their native language. It informs them about the events taking place in the United States, Russia, and all around the world.

We all know that timely information from different sources enables the intellectual growth of a person and the successful development of a business. That is why our magazine presents such a wide variety of topics: politics, culture, sports, health, technology, and history.
You are also going to meet interesting people on the pages of our publication, because a lot of magazine space is assigned to different interviews.
As for editorial writing, we consider it basic, since no publication can exist without a deep analysis of various events taking place in the social life of a country.

RussianTown came into existence in July 2003. This is when the first issue of our monthly magazine was published.
It became obvious that the magazine was badly needed by the Russian-speaking population of Atlanta, Florida and the whole American South.
We find ourselves on the other side of the ocean and citizens of a new country, yet we don't want to ignore our roots. There are many of us and we have to stay in touch.

The RussianTown is designed to form a new, optimistic outlook among the Russian-speaking residents of Atlanta, Florida, and the whole southeastern United States. This outlook symbolizes the creation of the new nation – the nation of Russian-speaking American citizens.
The goal of the magazine is to help those who came to the U.S. a long time ago. Their children have fully adapted to the life in this country. They speak English much better than their parents. However, they shouldn't forget the language of their ancestors.
Our goal is also to inform and instruct those who are new to the U.S. This is why our publication gives such detailed advice about how to buy a car or a house, how to handle finances, and how to get a good education.

We are trying to help these people to establish themselves in their new motherland. On our pages they can find important information about opening and operating their own business.

Overall, RussianTown magazine offers valuable information about anything that may be of interest to every member of the Russian community in Atlanta, Florida and all other states of the Southeast.
The growth of our publication speaks for itself. The first issue in July 2003 had only 42 pages; at the end of 2008 there were 92 pages of material satisfying different interests of our readership. Our goal for 2009-2010 is to increase the volume of the magazine to 120 pages.
A magazine, to be a true source of information for its readers, has to grow on a regular basis. The progress that we have made in all these years speaks in favor of our publication.

One more factor showing the growth of our popularity among Russian speakers of Atlanta, Florida, and other states in the Southeast is the increase of printing from 4,000 copies a month at the beginning to the current 7,500 copies.
This means that if an average Russian family consists of three to four members, our magazine is read by at least 26,000 people. Of course, this statistic is an estimate, because it's impossible to count how many people read the same copy of each magazine. Any magazine as a practical source of information often “changes hands”. That's the way information usually spreads in the Russian-speaking community – people feel like sharing the latest news with their friends, relatives, and co-workers.

In the time of its existence, RussianTown has managed to gain stable interest among readers and advertisers in Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina, Virgiania and the whole southeastern United States. Each copy of the magazine is in great demand.
RussianTown is the only free publication in the Russian language distributed in Atlanta, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky. Many copies are also sent directly to subscribers in different cities of the country.
Our readers can find the magazine in Russian stores, offices, businesses, churches, and retirement homes of Atlanta, Florida, Alabama and all other states. These places experience a high volume of visitors, so the magazine can't remain unnoticed.

We do our best to offer topics that present the most interest to our readership.
You can rest assured that you will always find something useful on our pages. We want RussianTown magazine to become your friend in life and partner in business, no matter what your interests and hobbies are.

Many leading businessmen of Atlanta, Florida, Virginia and all other places have already acknowledged our publication. They've discovered that advertising placed in the pages of RussianTown is a recognized way to deliver information to a targeted audience.
Your ad is very likely to be noticed by our readers.

We make the golden rule of mass media work – every word written by an advertiser must be delivered to a potential customer.
RussianTown magazine is the major advertising medium in the Russian language for Georgia, Florida, and other states.
Thousands of Russian-speaking readers in the southeastern United States regularly receive important information thanks to RussianTown. Since the heading “Our Advertisers” always occupies the first pages of the magazine, you can rest assured that it's impossible to find a better place for your advertisement in the Russian language.

RussianTown came to the Russian-speaking community of Atlanta, Florida, South Carolina and the whole southeastern United States to make your life better.

Believe us, we will do our best to achieve this goal!


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