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  • RussianTown caters to the Russian-speaking community in Southeast with virtually no competition

  • Approximately 55,000 people are touched by RussianTown and this number is constantly growing. Come and let your business grow!!

  • Russian-speaking community in the USA can be described as some of the most highly paid in the country

  • We have developed a system of bonuses for clients signing the contract for at least six editions

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Have you considered advertising to the Russian-speaking community in? If not, then you should change your marketing plan today

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Russian Town Magazine


Russian-speaking community can be described as some of the most highly paid in the country, and more than 55% of the Russian-speaking families living in the USA have an income averaging $55,000 per year


Magazine Distribution

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RussianTown is an unofficial, but acknowledged mass media for the Russian-speaking community of Atlanta, Florida, Tennessee and the whole southeast United States


RussianTown has designed a wonderful system of bonuses to reward clients who sign on with a contract for at least six editions. We want your business to grow and prosper. Let’s work together to make this a reality. Contact RussianTown today and let’s get started on your bonus


About us

RussianTown Magazine is chosen by many because it covers just about all genres. Whether it is news, politics, sports, local culture, new technology, health, or history

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The Russian-speaking and Eastern-European community in Atlanta, Florida and whole Southeast is waiting to hear from you. If haven’t marketed to them, now is your chance!


You may be wondering if you will gain any other benefits from advertising in RussianTown magazine. We want your business to profit and grow. Your success equals our success!

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If your advertising agency has clients who seek to demand the attention of the Russian-speaking community in Atlanta and Georgia, RussianTown is the solution!