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Russian print advertising in the USAI know for sure that only open information creates an inflow of real clients. The point is not that we, for example, don't have money for TV advertisement.  No, the point is that people have always trusted and will always trust the printed word. The RussianTown is nearly a member of the family. All people I know in Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and North Caroline read the RussianTown. It's showing exactly what a contemporary person is spending his time on.
I've worked in this market for quite a while. And, you know, I haven't had a better information partner! A lot of people who read the RussianTown (and who have seen my advertisements) have become my clients.
Mark Teitel, co-owner of Realty 1st
My company's services extend to several spheres. The problem is that my clients belong to various (demographic or economic) sectors: construction companies, banks, suppliers of building materials, and private citizens. That's why I must admit that advertising, whatever it might be, requires a rather thoughtful approach and, accordingly, hard work.
I can tell you this: before the RussianTown nobody could spotlight my company's services in Georgia and Florida as well as has been done by their advertising team. Thank you, guys. I am going to continue our partnership.
Valentin Trishin, President of the company Citywide Mortgage Corporation

There are a lot of companies like mine. Naturally enough, because people prefer independence and freedom, including the freedom to travel. Carburetors flood, batteries become drained, tires go bald – all these are circumstances of the lives of car owners.
And there is a question: where are you going to take your car to keep it in good condition? Will it be to the first auto care shop you come across, or to the one where your vehicle will be repaired with a 100 % guarantee of satisfaction?
Of course, the second question is: how can the car owner distinguish one from the other?
Thus, it turns out that the issue of advertising is really about finding good customers. If you respect them, it means they will obtain information about the services you are offering. And it is here that our old friend the RussianTown becomes important. Of course, it turns out that we can't impose our services on people; we just need to let everyone know about who we are and what we offer.
The RussianTown knows how to do this better. And besides, can you name any other publication on the Southeast coast (Atlanta, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee) that is as popular?
Grigoriy Demchenko, owner of Alex Auto International

The matter of customer trust is the primary issue in my specialty. This is because the responsibility I take in defending a client from punishment or simply representing his interests is very high. Perhaps it's even higher than most people imagine.
The magazine RussianTown represents the situation where validity simply cannot be measured. It's a leader in the printed word in the Russian language. It sets the frame of mind and theRussian speaking community in the USA mood of the whole community. That is why advertisement on the pages of this magazine is just as good as the recommendations of others who know us.
That's why I decided for myself: real advertisement, i.e. advertisement that will elicit real response, needs to be placed only in this magazine. The RussianTown knows how to handle public relations. In particular, one of my interviews published in the RussianTown will bring more clients to me in one month than two ads on cable TV for the same month.
Melvin L. Hewitt, president of Isenberg and Hewitt company
My business is based on following two principles: first, to deserve customers' trust, and second, to find a convenient location.
What do I want to say?
We don't manufacture medicinal products. We sell the same things as our competitors. But - and this is important - we bear the responsibility for the products we market. What this means is that we must provide our customers with a guarantee that they won't get medicine from us that is beyond its expiration date. And, that is to say, our reputation is vital to us.
Moving forward, where does a person purchase their medicine? In a nearby pharmacy or any pharmacy where they can buy a product guaranteed to be of high quality.  I think each of these motivations is important. It turns out that the successful sale of reliable medicines requires advertisement.
What does the magazine RussianTown do?  It informs the potential customer in the right way, telling them about us without belaboring the point. Is it a good advertisement? Of course, because it is a competent advertisement in Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. I am happy that I chose the magazine RussianTown.
Mikhail Bogachek, owner of the company Pharma Life


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